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      I started playing music when I was 14. I would go by my friend Wilmont Oneal's house and try to keep up with him on the guitar. He played mostly rockabilly style mixed with country. Those where great times. The first band I joined was an R&B/Beach Music band. The members were a mixture of friends and players I had never met. I played guitar, there was Butch Bolton on lead guitar, Marvin Cox on keyboard, Bill Robinson on bass and Stuart Satterwhite on drums. While with this band I began to play piano with Marvin Cox giving me the technique. 

      My first taste of what I thought were crowds, 150 or more, was an Allman Brothers tribute band. At that time playing began to seem like work and the band was short lived. I wandered from band to band for a while finding a home with Ronnie and Brenda Couch and their Rock Band. After this band I stopped for a while, recorded some with Paul Gandy then stopped again. Some 25 years later I start to play music again, only this time it is Contemporary Christian which gives me inspiration and a feeling of peace. This brings me to Blind Heart Music.

      With a mixture of Contemporary, R&B and Rock, Blind Heart Music has been a Christian band with a unique sound from day one, although the band members of Blind Heart Music have gone on to other projects I have continued writing and recording. The latest CD "Forgive Me" is entirely my creation with the help of Jesus. The title track "Forgive Me", I co-wrote with Louanne Grainger. Throughout the course of the band’s history, I have strived to touch the hearts of Blind Heart Music fans with inspiration and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the forefront all the while recording new and inspiring music.   

 Dave Munn   Blind Heart Music


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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