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     A tremendous amount of heart has gone into the making of the album "Those Times". Before I talk about it, I want to thank with all of my heart my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without him it would not have happened.

      I would also like to thank my wife Darlene, her family and my friend Butch Barnes for all of their support.

     After I finished the album "Jesus Loves Ya"  Jesus started giving me the lyrics, the music and most of all, the knowledge necessary to complete this album. 

     Some of you have had a Jesus experience in your life, some not, but you will, you will.

   Jesus is Real and he will always love you through Those Times.

                                  Dave Munn

                         BLIND HEART MUSIC

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   New Album Release   "Those Times"

   I'm told I should write something about the album here and I will, but first I would like to thank those who helped me along the way. First and foremost I would like to thank our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST, without Him it would not have happened. I thank my wife of forty years, (Darlene) for putting up with me on this journey and man she put up with alot. I'd like to thank all of my friends who helped along the way. I can't forget to thank Butch Barnes who gave me so much great advice. 

   Now about the album. Some years back I was extremely sick, on deaths door so to speak, however, JESUS did not see His way to take me then. Instead He gave me hope and strength to live, by placing in my mind the lyrics and music for these albums. I would wake up in the early early morning and have a complete song in my mind. Although I had written songs before, NEVER like this. I believe with all that I am, these songs were given to me to inspire, guide, or in some way touch someones heart and help them along the way. One more thing I would like to say. Thank you JESUS for everything I have, everything I've had and everything I'm going to have. May God Bless You all as He has blessed me.   

Dave Munn   (Blind Heart Music)

Song  DEMOs From CD "Jesus Loves Ya"

   All of the tracks on "Jesus Loves Ya" are being released as singles. I ask that you listen to all of them to get the true meaning of the Album. I am sure you will find help getting through the season of life you are in and the inspiration you need for your journey.


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