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Blind Heart Music

Some years back I was extremely sick, on deaths door so to speak, however, JESUS did not see His way to take me then. Instead He gave me hope and strength to live, by placing in my mind the lyrics and music for this album. I would wake up in the early early morning and have a complete song in my mind. Although I had written songs before, NEVER like this. I believe with all that I am, these songs were given to me to inspire, guide, or in some way touch someones heart and help them along the way. One more thing I would like to say. Thank you JESUS for everything I have, everything I've had and everything I'm going to have. God Bless You all as He has blessed me.   Dave Munn   (Blind Heart Music)

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Blind Heart Music


P.O. Box 630
Loris S.C. 29569
T: 843-246-4655

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